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Why Hardwood Flooring

We love hardwood floors and the reasons are not a mystery.  The beauty of natural wood, the longevity, relative ease of repair and renewable source of material are all solid reasons to choose a hardwood floor.

At Schindler Hardwood we not only take pride in what we do, but why we do it.  Working with our hands and especially with wood has always been a passion of ours.  Being able to shape and form something brings out the artist as well as the craftsman of each of us at Schindler Hardwood.  And we believe there is, frankly, no better flooring than wood.  Trees are a renewable resource when managed and grown properly and at Schindler Hardwood we ensure our woods come from responsible manufacturers.  We finish our floors in a way that will last.  Some of the practical reasons for considering a hardwood floor:

  • warm - Natural hardwood lends a warmth to a room that masonry, tiles and other solid flooring cannot.  A solid hardwood even adds an insulation factor to your floor that carpeting cannot and it retains an even heat in the winter and coolness in the summer.
  • better living environment / less dust - Hardwood does not hold dust like carpeting, and even some masonry or tile can.
  • beauty - What complements the wood in your furnature better than wood in your flooring?
  • increased home value - It is a well known fact hardwood flooring increases the value of your home over carpeting and other types of flooring.
  • easy care - A solid hardwood surface finished the right way can be swept, vacuumed and even mopped. The ease of cleaning up a grape juice spill couldn't be simpler than on a hardwood floor.

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