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Refinished Hardwood

hidden beauty

What is really under that old carpet?  Have you ever peeled up a corner and taken a look, only to find some ugly, stained wood underneath where you had hoped to find that hidden gem of a beautiful oak?  The truth is ugly really is only skin deep, especially when it comes to wood.  Older wood flooring is often quite thick, which means underneath those old stains and marrings is a fresh look just waiting to be found.

Refinished Hardwood BeforeRefinished Hardwood After

We a careful and precise in refinishing old floors, ensuring an even feel and finish that makes it look and feel like a brand new installation.  We can even replace damaged wood with new and blend the grain, thickness and color so that you will never know the difference.  And the nice thing about a hardwood floor is the wood can be refinished many times without needing replacement.