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New Flooring

upgrading the downstairs

As you can see, a whole floor level hardwood look can be dramatic.  new flooring before and afterIn older houses, often the underlay is hardwood and a refinishing will do the trick.  In newer houses the underlayment is a plywood base with a carpeting on top.  This is not a problem, and in fact is a good base for a new hardwood floor.

Adding hardwood to a partially hardwood covered floor is one of the things at which we excel.  Contact us and we will be happy to review your situation and make suggestions, or simply listen to your ideas and help implement them.

To the right is a before and after picture of what a whole floor might look like done in hardwood.  You can see the raw hardwood we have prepared for staining and finishing as we began the finishing process.  In the lower portion you can see what the completed floor looks like.  One of the things I really like about a hardwood floor throughout is how creative you can be with furniture and area rugs to enhance the look even more and give a distinctive feel to each room of your house while still maintaining the continuity and beauty of the hardwood.