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Why Schindler Hardwood

" width="48.55%" height="72%" style="margin-left: 5%; margin-top: 4.3%;" seamless="seamless" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen">"I work on hardwood floors, it's what I do, install and refinish. I can make old floors look brand new. I'm a hands on guy who likes working for home owners, seeing the smile on their faces when they see what I've done. My team members share my passion and I trust each of them. I can turn any of them loose on a job knowing I will not have to go back and fix a thing. They take responsibility for the job and they care about the work they do."
Ed Schindler, Owner



Why Hardwood Flooring

We love hardwood floors and the reasons are not a mystery.  The beauty of natural wood, the longevity, relative ease of repair and renewable source of material are all solid reasons to choose a hardwood floor.


Quality Flooring From Quality Manufacturers...


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